Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Perfect Red Lips

Lip Conditioner:

Ensure Lips are smooth and in perfect condition, then apply a generous layer of lip conditioner. Allow the lips to absorb the conditioner during few seconds and blot away any excess of it with a tissue. You need to use a concealer brush to apply the lip conditioner.

Applying Lip Primer

Apply lip primer, which is a colour free base to use under the lipstick. It smoothes and refines the lip line. You need to apply the primer on the entire mouth around and outside the lip line.


By applying the concealer on the mouth you erase the lip natural colour. You may use face powder foundation, or concealer. At the end use a bit of powder to blot any excess of foundation away.

Lip Liner

Apply the lip liner by using a finely sharpened red lip liner. Start working from the centres out, use short and soft strokes. As you work your way out, you came to natural lip line, give short and soft strokes and joined them to make one clean line around the mouth.

Applying Lipstick

Use two lipsticks, one brick red and another orangey red and mix and test them on your hand. Start applying the lipstick from the centre and blend it out towards the corners. You need to use a nice firm brush as it will allow you to create a clean precise edge.
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