Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty: Cleopatra's Beauty Tips

One of the greatest beauty tips for the skin is one attributed to Cleopatra, the classic icon of beauty. She is reported to have massaged aloe vera gel into her skin daily. The gel from the aloe plant has emollient properties, giving the skin a natural “face lift.” As one of the greatest beauty tips you can drink it, as well.

Another of the worlds greatest beauty tips comes from the coconut. Coconut oil, massaged into the skin will give it a healthy glow. It absorbs into the skin quickly and is ideal for wrinkled, dry or rough skin. It prevents stretch marks and lightens existing ones. It is a tasty lip balm, and has antiseptic qualities that help keep the skin free from infections.

Cucumber slices have long been associated with spa facials. In fact, eating these green beauties are among the greatest beauty tips as they are inexpensive. They have diuretic properties, helping to ease monthly bloating, they also are high in water content which helps nourish the skin, helping to avoid wrinkles.

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