Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Defined Cheekbones?

The steps to getting well defined cheekbones are very simple. Imagine if you will that there is an imaginary line from the bottom corner of your nose to the area where your ear is attached at the top of the ear. This line defines the top of the area where your blush will be applied.

To find the bottom line simply imagine a line from the bottom corner of your mouth to the bottom attachment of your ear.Use the handle of your contour brush to get an idea where these lines are.

Next you will need to locate the starting point. If you can imagine a vertical line from the iris of your eye to where it intersects the lower line, this is the point where you will want to start applying your blush going up towards the ear. This starting point is also the area of your face where your cheeks start to round back towards the side of your head. Use those imaginary lines to guide you where you need to apply your blush, and make sure you blend upwards to give yourself well defined cheekbones.

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