Thursday, December 2, 2010

How To: Wear Bangs

Thinking about a new look for the winter? Bangs are an easy way to spice up your look without making a huge commitment. And, we've got some great tips on how to style this look so that you're perfectly on trend!

  • Flat iron your bangs: In order to wear this look, it's essential that your bangs are evenly and bluntly cut or it will look strange. Flat iron bangs, apply a dry shampoo to dull the shine infused in your hair from the flat iron and then apply a small amount of matte paste to hair to keep it in place.

  • Get a fringed natural look: Run a pomade through the ends of towel dried hair. Blow-dry hair with a round barrel brush giving bangs a slight curl under.

  • Modern, edgy bang: Wash hair. Apply large roller to bangs and sit under a dryer. When hair is almost dry, remove roller and blow dry hair at a low heat setting.

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