Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Diet Tips

During the holidays we all worry about packing on the pounds. With so many holiday parties, family events and other gatherings that are all full of delicious, fattening foods, how do you maintain your weight? Dr. Wayne Andersen, the creator of Take Shape for Life, shares with us his tips on how to avoid overeating during the holidays.

1) Don't go hungry. Try eating a Medifast meal prior to arriving at the party. This will help curb your appetite.

2) If you are invited to a party, which happens to be a potluck, this is a great opportunity to bring a healthy meal.

3)When you arrive at the party-and you want to partake or try food, use the smallest plate with healthy choices.

4) Be mindful of your healthy choices, fresh vegetables, lean proteins, and salads.

5) Limit or skip foods that are high in calories and low in nutritional value.

6) Take time for yourself! This is a very busy time of the year. Take time to exercise and keep your body moving. Just taking a walk can give you that alone time you need to regroup and get your body moving.

7) Ask your friends and family in advance to forgo food gifts.

*More about Dr. Wayne Anderson: Dr. Wayne Anderson is the Medical Director for Take Shape for Life Wellness program. He is board certified in internal medicine and specializes in weight management. Dr. Anderson graduated from the University of Florida. Involved with Johns Hopkins in collaborating studies to show the efficacy of meal replacements, Dr. Andersen's goal is to provide simple, convenient means for people to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As the chief architect of Take Shape for Life, Dr. Andersen has built an integral support system that helps people make the necessary changes in their lifestyle to create optimal health. Using a team approach of health professionals working with Certified Health Advisors, Dr. Andersen says we can provide leading edge solutions, medical support and the support of caring individuals to provide the necessary one-on-one interaction so vital in changing people's lives.Font size For more information:,

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