Thursday, December 2, 2010

How To: Choose the Right Mascara

We all know that mascara is a great way to play up your eyes, but how do you know which mascara is right for you? Here are our tips:

  • For daytime use, make sure to wear a mascara that compliments your hair color and skin tone. Many of us are tempted to wear black mascara but it can come of looking harsh on people with fairer colored hair. If you're not brunette, save this color for nights out and instead go for a shade of brown.

  • Your mascara brush is just as important as your mascara. Different brushes create different looks. Do you have long lashes that you want plumped up or do you have shorter lashes and want to add length? Most mascaras will describe on their packaging what the brush is intended to do. Make sure to take note of this and purchase a mascara with a brush that works for you.

  • Another trick: if you have a certain mascara that you like and a certain brush that you like, combine the two! There are no rules in beauty. This trick can work great if you're having trouble finding a mascara and brush from one brand that you prefer.

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