Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best Haircuts for Your Face Shape

Everyone of us has had a bad haircut a time or two. How do you avoid this mishap? Most people don't think to choose their cut based on their face shape. If this has never occurred to you, we've got your guide to finding the best hairstyle for your face.

Round Face: The trick to round facial shapes is to make your face appear longer and leaner. To do this, you'll want to have less volume around the face. Try: cuts just below the chin. Layering is also good. If you want to try bangs, keep them longer and side swept.

Oval Face: If you have strong bone structure and an oval shaped face, a blunt bob works great. If you like your eyes, try a bang to bring the focus to them.

Long Face: Longer bangs are great for a longer face. Try them with a chin length bob, to give the illusion of width. Curls are also great for adding width to the face.

Square Face: Curls and choppier ends are great to make your face shape a bit softer. Also, try sleek layered styles.

Heart Face: If you have a heart shaped face, you'll want to draw attention to your cheek bones and eyes. Side swept bangs work well as do soft layers.

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