Friday, December 10, 2010

How To: Get Long Lashes

We all want long lashes, but how do we get them? These days there are tons of ways to make your lashes long and luscious.
1) The easiest way to lengthen your lashes is to use mascara. Some mascaras are made to specifically thicken lashes while others focus on lengthening.
2) Try false eyelashes. There are lots of options here from very natural to long, exaggerated lashes. False lashes also come in individual lashes and whole lashes depending on what you prefer. Best yet, they're not too difficult to apply yourself. Just apply a thin line of beauty glue to the edge of the lash. Flex lash in a horseshoe shape to loosen and press down on top of the lash directly on the edge of your eyelid where your lash line starts. Hold for at least 30 seconds and you're all set!
3) If you want a more permanent solution you have two options. You can go with eyelash extensions. These are the same concept as hair extensions. Many salons and spas offer this service and will apply extensions which will last you for at least a month. If this option still isn't permanent enough for you, visit your doctor and ask about medical treatments that will actually grow your lashes!
So there you have it. Whether you want long lashes for a night on the town or more permanently,there's a solution for everyone!
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