Bare Mineral Makeup started the mineral makeup revolution several years ago. Since that time, hundreds of makeup manufacturers have tried to cash in on the popularity of Bare Minerals. As a result, the philosophy behind these cosmetics has become somewhat distorted. People often think that all mineral makeup is the same. However, there are many different definitions for the term “mineral makeup.” Many highly discrepant versions are legally acceptable when describing cosmetics.

• Bare Minerals is truly hypoallergenic
Not only does it not contain fragrances or oils, but it also does not contain talc. Talc is highly irritating to many people. This is particularly notable, however, because many “mineral makeups” rely on talc to back up their claims of being mineral based.

• Bare Minerals are good for your skin
This brand of makeup actually can help relieve adult acne and rosacea with continued use over time. This may be largely because of the brand’s hypoallergenic nature since it will not aggravate already-sensitive skin like other foundations and cosmetics will.