Monday, November 29, 2010

3 TIPS TO: Treat Dry Skin

1. Use gently daily cleansing that will not strip your skin's moisture.
2. Use extremely gentle exfoliation - to allow any treatments to absorb better since you are removing any dead skin.
3. Balance the oil and water levels of your skin.

The What, Why, and How of Dehydration (Flaking)
As we stated above dehydration is the flakiness, roughness, or dullness that might appear in skin. Dehydration is the water component of the "balance of oil and water". Dehydration characterized as the break in your skin's moisture barrier (the layer of lipids that seals moisture in). When there is a break in the skin's moisture barrier, it allows and water to escape, causing the dehydration. Keywords for dehydration are: flakiness, roughness, dullness, parchment lining.

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  1. Food also plays a lot of important role in maintaining the dry and the moisture levels of the body.It depends on what amount of fluids you push into your body also.Though there are surgeries and remedies for the skin these days best is to take care n the natural way.
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