Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Picks for the Best Purple Lipstick

From clothing to shoes and accessories, it's all about purple. Rich purple shades are super trendy, but would you wear them on your lips? The key to rocking this look is knowing what shades work best for you. Get it right and you'll turn heads with your royally chic purple pucker.

MAC Creme de la Femme

Fair-skinned ladies, this lovely shade of purple is perfect for you. Creme de la Femme is a surprisingly natural, subtle shade of purple with soft pink undertones, which makes it totally acceptable to slick on in the morning and keep on for after-work cocktails. Undertones of shimmery gold give this gorgeous lip color a little added oomph that's sure to make your lips stand out.

DuWop Private Plum Lipstick

DuWop Private Plum goes on like magic. And we don't mean figuratively. It literally adjusts to your body chemistry, giving you a plum shade that works with your skin tone. If you need even more reason to try this shade, it's also super moisturizing so there's no need to top it off with gloss.

Dolce & Gabanna Amethyst Classic Cream Lipstick

This sultry dark shade looks amazing on darker skin tones. The rich, opaque burgundy-purple shade is super intense and very sexy on dark brown and chocolate skin. If your skin is lighter, be prepared to look super vampy and borderline gothic. If mysteriously rogue is the look you're going for, be sure to downplay eye makeup because your lips are definitely going to want to be the center of attention.

MAC Rebel

This lipstick definitely gets it's rebellious name honestly. MAC Rebel is an intense purple-y fuchsia that's only for the daring. With slight hints of berry, this lip color is best reserved for olive skin tones and darker. It'll look way to harsh on fairer skin, so if your complexion is lighter it's probably to go with something not quite so in your face. Girls who are bold enough to wear this sassy shade should keep the rest of the face simple. You'll definitely want your lips to be the main focus!


  1. Which shade is the one in the picture? Would have been nice to show a photo of each.

    1. Hey if u want to see pictures and suggestions of purple lipsticks in ever brand and shade check out the entry about purple lipstick.