Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Olive Oil for Your Skin?

Ancient Egyptians understood the power of olive oil. They used it in their daily beauty regimen to keep skin, soft, supple and healthy. These days, olive oil is still just as fantastic for promoting skin health, so channel your inner Cleopatra and incorporate olive oil into your daily beauty routine.

Place just a bit of olive oil on your fingertips and dab on the corners of the eyes, eyelids and under eyes. Do this nightly, and wake up looking gorgeous and refreshed. Use olive oil to clear up acne. We know putting oil on acne doesn't sound logical but it works. Olive oil actually helps to dissolve those acne-causing oils on your face, so pores unclog more easily and skin is more clear. It's also great for smoothing out acne scars, so apply a thin layer to the face daily for glowing, gorgeous skin.

Rub a small amount of olive oil on your lips daily for increased softness and shine. The vitamin E in olive oil is incredibly moisturizing. If you're tired of lip balm and gloss, or if you're just looking for a natural option to moisturize your lips, olive oil is a good option.

Soak your feet after a long, hard day. Drop one tablespoon of olive oil into a warm foot bath and soak your tootsies for 10-15 minutes. This works especially during the colder winter months, when skin tends to dry out. So if you have dry, rough feet, try an olive oil foot bath two to three times a week.

After bathing, massage olive oil into skin instead of using lotion. It's super moisturizing, and the vitamin E contained in it helps to promote healthy skin. If you're not so sure about slicking olive oil all over your body, go to your local drug store and pick up a lotion that contains olive oil. You'll still get that great vitamin E that'll give you soft, smooth skin.

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